All God's Giants Were Weak People

Moses’ weakness was his temper. He murdered an Egyptian, strike the rock he was supposed to speak to and broke the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Yet God transformed Moses into “the humblest man on earth” (Num12:3)
Gideon’s weakness was low self-esteem and deep insecurities, but God transformed him into a “mighty man of valor” (Jud6:12)
Abraham’s weakness was fear, claiming that his wife was his sister in order to protect himself. God transformed him into “the father of those who have faith” (Rom4:11)
Impulsive, weak-willed Peter became “a rock”. The adulterer David became “a man after God’s own heart”. John, an arrogant “son of thunder” became “the Apostle of Love”.
God specializes in turning weaknesses into strengths. He wants to take your greatest weakness and transform it. But would you let Him?
Hudson Taylor