A Message from the Pastor

Greetings Hope Road Family,

Unfortunately, I was not able to have our weekly video recorded today. However, I still wanted to send you an encouragement, which is part of the preparation for our bible study on Wednesday. Over the next couple of weeks we want to shift our attention to “Practicing the Presence of God.” As Christians we believe that EVERYTHING that we need is found in Him. However, we often times get distracted and prioritize other things. I want to take this time to remind you, JESUS IS ALL WE NEED!

Colossians 1: 25-23

1. Christ is SUPREME (v. 15-18)
Paul says, you want an explanation for creation? Let me tell you who created the world, sustains the world, give purpose to the world, who holds the world, who existed before the world- CHRIST!
This few verses reveals:
Christ in relation to God (More than a good man, He is God!)
Christ in relation to Creation (Never created, he is the Creator)
Christ in relation to the Church (He is the head of the Church)

2. Christ is SUFFICIENT (v.19-21)
Paul moves to address the evil in the world, by pointing out the evil in the hearts of the Colossians.
The world is evil because you are evil. But I have good news- CHRIST can fix that! HE gives them the undiluted gospel! Enemies of God, and through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ he is redeeming men and the world to himself. He is sufficient.

3. Christ is the SURE FOUNDATION
Note he is not “A” sure foundation he is “THE” sure foundation! You can trust in Him, you can believe
Him. HE is able and willing to save!

Conclusion (v.23)
Paul closes by addressing the nail head on- he doesn’t call them to action. HE doesn’t give them a prescription of behaviors. He calls them to hold firm in their faith- their belief! The only way to get rid of the nail is to believe that Christ is who he says he is- Supreme, Sufficient and Sure! Everything we need is in him.

I want you to keep these truths in mind as we start our journey on “Practicing the Presence of God” this coming Wednesday!