What is Steadfast Hope?

Steadfast Hope created in October 2013 is “unofficially” another teaching arm of the ministry at Hope Road Church of the Nazarene.
We, through the use social media, seek to minister to our members through daily devotionals, a word of encouragement, exhortation or rebuke if need be (as the Lord ministers to your heart). We invite persons to submit prayer requests, where, through this website, we can have a number of persons praying for specific needs at a moment’s notice. We also seek in a unique way to build/ foster authentic relationships for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Recent Devotions

Your faith will grow stronger as you focus on your identity in Christ (Gal2). What this means is that you abandon any image of yourself that is not from God. You stop accepting what others have said about you, how others have labeled you and how others have defined you.
You start believing what God says about you, that He is pleased with how he created you and that God defines you. For God identifies you as His own (2Cor1:22).
You are God’s precious child, and He created you in a way that pleases Him.