“I am among you as one who serves” — Luke 22:27

The statement of Jesus’ mission was made clear, where He served those He came to seek and save (Luke 19:10). If Jesus was willing to do the dirtiest of jobs for His followers—like scrubbing His followers’ no doubt filthy feet (John 13:1–17) without grumbling about it. We too, ought to be reminded that our service to others is not a mere obligation but an opportunity to reflect Jesus’ servant heart and His love to them. When requests are made of us, they are chances to become more like the One who served His followers by laying down His life for us.

Lord, sometimes it’s hard to serve others’ needs. Help us to become more like You, willing to express Your love in the many opportunities we have to serve those around us each day.

God’s love for us empowers us to serve others.