Evangelize – reaching out to the youth of our community, to see persons come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

When we think of sharing the Good News about hope in Jesus, God’s love and forgiveness, and life in God’s spirit we are talking about a way of being. When we draw close to God, God draws close to us and we can be who we truly are in Christ.

Encourage – growing in their knowledge of the Word of God so that they may live in obedience to the Spirit of God.

When we think of discipleship, it is about allowing our lives to be formed in the process of following Jesus, with our whole person and community, engaging in God’s mission and presence already present, and inviting others to do the same.


Equip – to be prepared for service in the kingdom of God.

When we think of an art form discovered in the journey of following Jesus and the accountability of community, we are thinking of leadership. Christ-following leaders are often formed along the way and always in process and only ever arrive in further depths and variety of growing in grace and transforming relationships with God and others.

Ways to get involved

Barefoot Ministries
The youth ministry publishing partner of Nazarene Youth International overseeing the product development and sales of youth ministry books, curriculum, and resources.

Youth Curriculum
Current information includes: WordAction, Scope & Sequence for WordAction, Leader’s Guide, and Youth Walk.

Bible Quizzing
A unique and effective tool to encourage knowledge of God’s Word and Discipleship among our Youth.

Youth in Mission
Youth In Mission is an 8 week summer ministry opportunity for college and university students.  Each summer Youth in Mission places over 100 college students in ministry around the world.