Pe 1:4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises,
There’s an old saying “a promise is a comfort to a fool,” and that is because we at time make promises and for some reason or another we are not able to make good on that promise. But not so with God! He has everything needed to make good on his promises. John Bunyan is quoted saying “The pathway of life is strewn so thickly with the promises of God that it is impossible to take one step without threading upon one of them.” The promises of God are the last of seven precious things mentioned by Peter in his letters. Our faith is more precious than gold. (1 Pet 1:7) The blood of Christ is precious. (1 Pet 1:19) Christ, the living stone, is precious in God’s sight. (1 Pet 2:4) He is the precious cornerstone. (1 Pet 2:6) To all who believe, he is precious. (1 Pet 2:7) The imperishable jewel of a gentle & quiet spirit is very precious in God’s sight. (1 Pet 3:4) Finally, the promises of God are precious. (2 Pet 1:4) If God said it, He will do it, if he promised it; He will bring it to pass.