“For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1: 37)

Christmas is a reminder that God is God of the impossible. As we meditate on God’s word today, remember that God is big enough to deal with your present and your future. For nothing is impossible with God!

So let’s break down the verse.

Nothing: Think about your current circumstances. Maybe you are
overwhelmed by the issues in your life or daunted by the future. Or maybe, it’s a dream or call that God has given you that seems too big or audacious. Or, life probably isn’t going the way you planned or hoped it would. Now, reread the verse.
For NOTHING will be impossible with God. Aren’t you glad that nothing means nothing? Whatever it is you are facing, God can handle it. There is nothing in existence that is too big for God to handle, including your circumstances.

Will be Impossible: Impossible means that something cannot be done. It is a word that may describe situations in our lives, but it doesn’t describe God. Let’s look at that verse again.
For NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE with God. God has the power, strength and ability to do the impossible now, and whenever it arises in the future. But what’s even more wonderful is that God is compassionate and gracious and WANTS to transform our impossibilities into possibilities.

With God: For nothing will be impossible WITH GOD. The last two words in this verse are the most important. They remind us that tackling the impossible is not our forte – it is God’s. Instead, we focus on God. We believe Him. We wait on Him. We trust him. For nothing is impossible with Him.