Many in the body of Christ have become increasingly vulnerable to the deceptions of the voice of the stranger. Listening to God’s voice can become a real challenge due to competing, ungodly chatter. Tragically, there begins to be a doubt of God’s character and the truth He teaches in His Word.

Eve, in the garden, listened to the serpent’s sly words and was so easily swayed. This can be due to Eve knowing the truth but not firmly grounded in the truth. She knew what God “said” but didn’t seem to fully grasped Who He was—completely trustworthy and good. She didn’t understand He would never hold back any good thing from her.

We however, have the Word of God as our truth guide, the Holy Spirit as our Counselor, and Christ Jesus as our Savior and truthful Advocate! We know that God is trustworthy and good but are we willing to obey?