Father, right now, in the name of your son Jesus Christ I come against the death angel that is roaming the streets of Barbados. Father God, I draw a bloodline around this nation. I erect God,  altars of life and I pull down by the power you have invested in me every death altar erected as we slept God. Father, this morning I ask that you dispatch your protecting angels to safeguard the people of this nation. It seems Lord as if we are under attack Lord, but this morning I call upon the one that gives us the victory to dismantle and demolish every satanic attack upon your people on this nation’s roads. Father, I pray for every family that is affected by these accidents and deaths. I pray your comfort, love and peace would come upon them in this time of need. Cover our families Lord, cover us as we go about our daily routines, Lord, that no harm would befall us. I apply the blood of Jesus over each and everyone of our families, friends and neighbors in Jesus name… Amen.

~ Krissy